Poetic Resurrection came into existence when the passion for poetry and writing revealed itself again, and from a lengthy hiatus, these poems emerged; raw, uncensored and full of what life emits.


Writing poetry has been a passion since childhood.  After many years of being an actress on various television shows, films, and theater productions (credits) I’ve rekindled my love for writing.


Sonia Lozada: Actor & Poet

Some of you know that I’m also an actor.  Acting has been my main focus for many years and still a passion.  Recently, I updated my website and it has a clean modern look.  Check it out: www.sonialozada.com.

New Store Page

Just added a Store tab to my menu.  Currently, have two books out and honored that both have made it to #1 in various categories.  It’s so humbling to publish books that are so well received.  Feeling blessed.  Check out the page here STORE .


Inspire Me (from Inspire Me: Raw)

Inspire Me
Question or plea?
Don't know
Don't understand
After so many years
Still ask, Inspire me