Poetic Resurrection came into existence
when I once again encountered my passion
for poetry and from a lengthy hiatus,
these poems emerged; raw, uncensored
and full of what life emits.


Writing poetry has been a passion since childhood.  After many years of being an actress on various television shows, films, and theater productions (credits) I’ve rekindled my love for writing.


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Luis J Rodriquez an Interview on the poem WORDS

It is with great privilege to have Luis J. Rodriquez, Los Angeles Poet Laureate 2014 to 2016,  discussing his life, inspirations and his poem “Words”.  His service to the community and his life-changing insight has influenced underprivileged youth enhance their lives through writing.


Inspire Me (from Inspire Me: Raw)

Inspire Me
Question or plea?
Don't know
Don't understand
After so many years
Still ask, Inspire me