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There’s a great feeling of accomplishment when receiving favorable reviews.  Readers have busy schedules and with limited time to engage in books, taking the time out to write a review is a gift.   If it’s written with pros & cons or a detail opinion of how the writing inspired, the author experiences a sense of achievement and appreciation.

Below are a few excerpts from some of my reviews.  Sending gratitude to all who made the time to submit. Thank you!

“I bought this book on the recommendation of a friend. I was told that the images are breathtaking, and the poetry sublime–and he was right! ”

“Sonia Lozada is an author whom I feel inspires deep spiritual contemplation in her poetry. Follow connects intellect with spirit. The way the author finishes the book with a poem tying history’s memories to universal knowledge in the Akashic Records awed me. Such a wonderful, thoughtful, emotional journey.”

“An amazing journey through time and space. So much depth and so much beauty. A privilege to be present in the first steps of this amazing poet.”


Sonia Lozada: Actor & Poet

Some of you know that I’m also an actor.  Acting has been my main focus for many years and still a passion.  Recently, I updated my website and it has a clean modern look.  Check it out:

Follow #1 on Amazon New Releases

I was so excited about checking Amazon and seeing #1 New Releases in the New Age: Reincarnation category.  Ebook is only $.99 and the paperback is $9.99.  It’s a beautiful picture poetry book.  Please buy your copy.  Thank you and many blessings!

Release of FORGET Poem on YouTube

Forget is about a woman who reminisces about an abusive relationship and how she changes and moves on with her life.  Because of such great feedback I’ve received on the video I’ve decided to release.  I thought at first it might have been too strong of a subject but like the poem states “Reality needs exposure”.  I felt I should practice my own words.  Here’s a link to the actual poem FORGET

Enjoy and I would love to hear from you.  If you have problems with the link below, try this FORGET poem

Life is to be Enjoyed!

So many times we forget about the small experiences that give us joy and think only about the future or the past.  I’ve done the same.  We’re concerned about our bills, our home (rent/mortgage), expenses and yet time isn’t taken to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  Enjoy life with friends, family, and many gratitudes because those memories are what life is about.  Be blessed.

The Day After

Hello Everyone!  For those living in the United States, I hope your 4th of July was festive and joyful.  It’s now the day after and thought I’d add a day after quote.

Jason Silva; Beyond Anxiety & Depression

Love the passion Jason Silva has in his YouTube videos.  Had to write a blog on this today because of this video.  I see where it fits in life.  Having to deal with routine, financial situations yet balancing the emotions of fighting through the garbage of earthly events and reaching an awakening.  Check out his video and be blessed.